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Gratiot County, Michigan


Gratiot County Michigan


Gratiot County, Michigan

Gratiot County boasts small town charm throughout the bounds of its rural atmosphere and is a place where folks likely have come to know their neighbors.  At a population of 42,476, Gratiot County maintains a small but stable community.

Gratiot County encompasses the geographical center of Michigan's Lower Peninsula and is blessed with a heritage of abundant natural resources.  Settled in the mid-1800's, Gratiot County was named for US Army Captain Charles Gratiot and established its county seat at Ithaca in 1856. 

As when the first settlers arrived, agriculture remains a key component of Gratiot County’s economy.  In fact, 78% of land in Gratiot County is in farms, making Gratiot the county with the highest percentage of cultivation in Michigan.  The rich, fertile soils of Gratiot County produce a bounty of corn, wheat, sugar beets, dry beans, soybeans and forages that is matched by a diverse livestock component of beef cattle, dairy, swine and poultry farms.  Gratiot County is home to very progressive commercial agriculture operations who use the latest technology and best production practices to take the lead on being environmentally sound and community minded.  In addition to strong commercial agriculture, Gratiot County is also home to several certified organic operations, which serve to satisfy the consumer demands of the “green” community.

While the farms within Gratiot County already have a production base that is diverse and enduring, a new type of farm will soon grace her landscape.  The level ground of Gratiot County has supplied a wind resource which can be tapped to support utility scale energy production.  A 200 megawatt wind farm, currently under development within the County, is scheduled to be complete in 2012 and presents an opportunity to shift from traditional petroleum based energy to the emerging alternative “green” energy.  A notable benefit of wind farms is the agricultural preservation it affords, providing even greater stability for our farm families and rural community.

Even though agriculture is a mainstay, Gratiot’s economy is balanced among business, industry, healthcare and education as well.  Gratiot County is strategically positioned to advance in the future working with local business and industry leaders and community partners such as Alma College, Masonic Pathways and MidMichigan Medical Center.