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Gratiot County Board of Commissioners


 Who We Are:

The Gratiot County Board of Commissioners is the elected body that oversees the operation of the county government.  The Board currently has 5 members, each representing a group of townships and/or city precincts.  The members of the Board are your voice in the operation of the county government, so feel free to contact the commissioner from your district with any concerns you have.

Notice of Special Meeting set for July 18, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the PACE Program. Relevant attachments

Agenda-GGDI Pace Program Summary Gratiot
Agenda-GGDI Paces Summary
Agenda-GGDI Pace Facts
Agenda-GGDI Pace Team

Organizational Meeting Notice

Commissioner Districts 
Commissioner District Map 



 Gratiot County Commissioners


District 1:  Alma Precinct 2, Pine River, Seville

Russell J. Bongard

9310 N. Lumberjack Rd

Riverdale, MI 48877



District 2:  Bethany, St. Louis, Wheeler

Jan Bunting (R) - Chair

204 N. Main St

St. Louis, MI  48880

(989) 681-3559


District 3:  Fulton, New Haven, Newark, North Shade, Sumner

Samuel A. Smith (appointed 12/22/2015)

4999 Skyline Drive

Perrinton, MI  48871

(989) 620-7928

District 4:  Alma Precinct 1, Alma Precinct 3, Arcada

Tim Lambrecht (D)

1026 Pineview Court

Alma, MI 48801 

(989) 463-4137


 District 5:  Elba, Emerson, Hamilton, Ithaca, Lafayette, North Star, Washington

George Bailey (R)

6240 Leeward Court

Ithaca, MI 48847 

(989) 875-2829