Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to file for divorce?
$50.00 for our packet and $255.00 for divorce with minor children or $175.00 for divorce without minor children.

I have started a divorce and I want to enter a reconcile. How long is that good for? 
One year from the date the reconcile request was filed. If you decide to continue with the divorce and it’s been over a year, you would have to file a new divorce.

How much is it for a notary? Where do I get this service?
To have documents notarize go to the Clerk’s Office, located on the third floor. There is no charge.

How much is it for a birth certificate? 
$26.00, $12 for any additional at the same time as first request. If over age 65 birth certificates are $7.00 each. 

Where do I get a passport?
Apply at the Register of Deeds, located on the third floor.

I need to file a motion; how much is it and where do I file it at?
 You file a motion at the Clerk’s Office. Before there has been a judgment entered there is no charge. After a judgment has been filed a motion is $20.00, unless it’s a motion regarding parenting time, custody, or child support then it is $100.00.

I need to pay my taxes where do I go?
The Treasurer’s Office, located on the third floor.

Where do I pay my fines for a circuit court felony case?
The Clerk’s Office, located on the third floor.

Where do I pay my fines for a misdemeanor or civil infraction?
The District Court, located on the second floor.

Where do I go to apply for a name change?
Probate Court, located on the third floor.

Where do I go with my paperwork for a will?
Probate Court, located on the third floor.

How much is it for a concealed weapons permit?
$100.00 for a new with certification of course training and range time. $115.00 for a renewal. 

How do I get a Certified copy of Birth, Death, or Marriage License if I don’t come into the Clerk’s office?
A vital record can be ordered over the phone and we will mail it to you.  You may want to contact us to be sure we have the record you are looking for before you pay.  We can take your payment info over the phone or you can go to  Our PLC is 5159 and you can pay through the gov pay website.  A Birth Certificate requires a State issued ID (Drivers License or State ID), you can email a picture of your ID to us.

Where do I apply for a marriage license?
You apply with the County Clerk in the county you live and can get married anywhere in the state of Michigan.  If the 2 parties getting married, live in different counties, you can apply in either.  If both parties live outside of Michigan and are getting married in Michigan.  You apply in the county you are getting married.  Contact us prior to the 33 days before the wedding to work with the preparation of the marriage license info.

I received a jury questionnaire.  What do I do?
Read the enclosed instruction and fill it out and return it to the County Clerk’s Office as soon as possible.  The enclosed instructions cover question you may have.

How do I become a Notary?
Go to to get the instructions.  After you have your bond, application, and $10.00 go to the County Clerk’s Office in the County you live.  After the County Clerk’s Office, you will send another $10.00 to the State with your stamped application.

Where do I get an Absentee Ballot?
You get an absentee Ballot from your City or Township Clerk.  No Ballots are issued by the County Clerk.  Nobody votes at the County Clerk’s Office.