Equalization Resources

Parcel information is available by clicking on the link above. Public terminals are available in the lower level of the court house and the Treasurer office. There is no fee to access parcel information from these terminals. Printout of information is charged at $1.00 per page or information can be faxed for $5.00 per page. Phone look up is also available at $3.00. These fees must be paid in advance of receiving information.

Internet Services one time free lookup: Every account is granted one free parcel lookup with the intent of allowing taxpayers to view their own property records for free. When you do your first search the owner name of the parcel you retrieve is saved to your account, and any subsequent data retrievals on properties or records where the owner name is the same will be free, forever. 

Property Tax and Assessment Information Research Fee

Hard Copy - $5.00 per parcel.