Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Veteran.  How do I find out if I am eligible for VA benefits?
Benefits such as Service-Connected Disability Compensation, Non-Service-Connected Disability Pension, VA Healthcare, VA Home Loans, Life Insurance, National Cemetery and Education programs vary depending on your Discharge (DD-214) from Active Duty Service.  Schedule a Benefits Review appointment with the Gratiot County Dept. of Veterans Affairs and review the Veterans VA Benefits Checklist for documents needed to file a claim.

I am the spouse of a Veteran who recently passed away.  Do I qualify for any VA benefits?
A variety of benefits to surviving spouses and eligible dependent children of deceased veterans are based on the Veteran’s Discharge (DD-214) from Active Duty Service.  These include Survivors Pension, Compensation for Service-Connected Deaths, Burial and Government Marker (for the deceased veteran), and other miscellaneous benefits.  Review the Survivors VA Benefits Checklist for information needed when scheduling a Benefits Review appointment with the Gratiot County Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

I can’t locate my DD-214 Discharge / Report of Separation.  Can I get a replacement?
First, check with the Clerk’s Office in the County to which you were discharged.  If it is not on file with the County Clerk, Gratiot County DVA can assist with a Request for Record of Active Duty Service from the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) or Request for Military Records (SF-180) from the National Archives.

Is there any emergency assistance or resources available for veterans?
Yes, the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund provides assistance for “emergent” and “temporary” needs of eligible veterans. To connect with available resources, contact MVAA at 1-800-MICH VET (800-642-4838) or Dial “211” for other Michigan agencies.  Contact GCDVA to determine eligibility for the Veterans Relief Fund, which provides temporary relief to honorably discharged, indigent veterans primarily in the form of a Food Voucher.  

I served with the Michigan National Guard.  Do I qualify for VA benefits?
Service in the National Guard normally does not qualify for federal VA benefits unless the Veteran was called to Active Duty.  However, there are exceptions.  Contact GCDVA to schedule a Benefits Review appointment.  For more information about National Guard programs, contact the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs at 1-517-481-8000 or MI National Guard Headquarters at 1-517-481-8331.

I am a Veteran and need medical care.  Will the VA help me? 
VA Healthcare benefits are available to eligible veterans based on a Priority Group system.  Gratiot County Veterans Affairs can assist with filing VA Form 10-10EZ Application for Health Benefits for eligible veterans as well as applying for other VA benefits.  

Does my private medical insurance or Medicare disqualify me from using the VA hospital in Saginaw?
No, VA Medical Centers are part of the VA Healthcare System that works in coordination with Medicare and private insurance.  You must file an Application for Health Benefits to determine your eligibility for VA Healthcare.

I heard I can go to my own doctor and the VA will pay for it.  How do I enroll?
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched its new and improved Veterans Community Care Program (MISSION Act) on June 6, 2019.  Under the new Veterans Community Care Program, Veterans can work with their VA health care provider to see if they are eligible to receive community care based on the new criteria.  However, the veteran must first be enrolled in the VA Healthcare System.

How do I get a Veteran’s ID Card (VIC) for store discounts?
Veterans can apply through their eBenefits account or go to for more information.  Veteran Health ID Cards (VHIC), issued when enrolled in VA health care, and Dept of Defense (DoD) Identification Cards may be used to get discounts offered to veterans at many stores, businesses, and restaurants.  A Veteran designation printed on a state-issued driver’s license or ID may also get some store discounts.