Civil Case Procedures




Approximately 120 days after filing, Assignment Clerks routinely schedule civil cases on Judge Rick’s calendar for a Pretrial Conference.  The following letter is enclosed with the Notice of Hearing:

Pretrial statements must be completed by counsel for the parties.  File the original with the County Clerk and serve copies upon opposing counsel no later than seven (7) days prior to the date set for the conference.  This form is available here:

Judge Rick does not conduct scheduling conferences by telephone.  She requests the attorneys appear in person.  The parties to the lawsuit do not need to appear for the first conference if an attorney represents them.

Requests for adjournment of the conference must be made in writing within seven (7) days of the date indicated above.  Thereafter, adjournments will be granted only upon written motion establishing good cause.

Failure to abide by the provisions of this Notice or the provisions of MCR 2.401 governing pretrial conference may, in the Court’s discretion, result in dismissal of the cause or entry of judgment by default, with assessment of costs.