Civil Division

MIFile Notice - Now Accepting e-Filings

Civil Litigation Filings

Pursuant to State Court Administrative Office Local Administrative Order 2022-03J, the 65B District Court mandates that all civil litigations filings with our Court be submitted through MiFILE/TrueFiling, see above link to sign-up for MiFILE or the Quick Links section of this page for Michigan Legal Help contact information and assistance. Additionally, the 65B District Court has a workstation in our lobby which is available for civil litigant's use to submit filings, along with step-by-step instructions for the filing process. If you need further assistance, one of our Deputy Clerks will be happy to assist you with using our workstation computer, scanner, and printer. Please note, our Deputy Clerks are prohibited from providing legal advice to litigants.

Civil Forms

Effective immediately, any Plaintiff or Defendant electronically filing forms within MiFILE/TrueFiling for any civil litigation must do so by utilizing State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) approved forms obtained from the Michigan Court of Justice Website. Forms that have been copied or recreated in any manner will not be accepted as the MiFILE/TrueFiling database does not recognize some formatting within forms created outside of the database. Electronic filings submitted to the 65B District Court containing non-SCAO approved forms will be rejected and must be resubmitted, at the filers' expense.

Civil Process Service

Notice Civil Process Service (PDF)

Court Officer / Process Servers

  • Al Schafer: 989-388-1927
  • A.J. Ballard: 989-831-7161