How long will I be on probation?

Probation generally ranges from 6 to 24 months depending on several factors. There are a few, more severe offenses, such as stalking, that may result in 5 years probation.

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1. Can my probation be transferred to another county?
2. My probation is almost over. What do I need to do?
3. The Judge had me meet with a probation officer before he sentenced me. Does this mean that I will be placed on probation?
4. My spouse was ordered to have no contact with me while he/she is on probation. How can I get that changed so that we may have contact with each other?
5. I was ordered to complete counseling for substance abuse. How many times do I have to go to counseling?
6. I have a probation violation hearing scheduled. Does this mean that I am going to jail?
7. Why do I have to keep coming in for drug tests when I have been testing negative for over a year?
8. I keep calling my probation officer, but she is not answering her phone. How can I get in touch with her?
9. My son is on probation, but whenever I call the Court they just tell me no public record exists. I know he is on probation. Why won’t they talk to me?
10. How long will I be on probation?
11. How will a deferral appear on my criminal history?
12. How much will my fine be?
13. How much do drug tests costs?
14. Where can I drug test at?
15. What if I can’t pay my fine on time?
16. While I am on probation can I enter a restaurant that serves alcohol?
17. What is probation?
18. How often do I have to report to my probation officer?
19. Can I have non-reporting probation?
20. What do I have to do on probation?
21. Can I be released from probation early?
22. What do I have to pay for on probation?
23. Can I just pay a bigger fine or serve my jail time and not be on probation?
24. I have medical marijuana certification. Can I smoke marijuana while on probation?
25. I was ordered not to engage in any aggressive, assaultive, or antisocial conduct. What is antisocial behavior?
26. I was ordered to complete drug/alcohol tests while on probation. How does that work?
27. How do I get a restricted license following my drug charge?
28. I was ordered to write an apology letter. How long does it have to be?
29. Could I be told the dates that I will be called in for a drug test ahead of time, so that I can plan my vacation?