Requirements for Obtaining Building Permits

Residential Structures (1 & 2 Family Residential with Less Than 3,500 Square Feet of Floor Area)

Commercial Structures (1 & 2 Family Residential with More Than 3,500 Square Feet of Floor Area)

Mobile & Premanufactured Homes

  • Building Permit Application (BCC-324) (PDF)
  • Energy Compliance Statement
  • For Michigan approved premanufactured units: 1 copy of the Building System Approval and the approved plans
  • Minimum of 2 sets of plans for the foundation and the method of anchoring the unit to the foundation
  • Site plan

Instructions for Completing Application

  • Page 1 of the application: Complete all applicable sections. Note section 4, If the homeowner is doing the construction, enter Homeowner in the contractor information space.
  • Page 2 of the application: Must be completed by the permit applicant and signed.
  • Page 3 of the application: Please complete site plan.

Documents Required for Obtaining Building Permits

  • Township Zoning Permit: Contact your local township zoning official. A copy of the zoning permit or letter of Township approval is required before a building permit can be issued.
  • Septic and Well Permits: (When applicable) Contact the Mid-Michigan Health Department at 989-875-3681. A copy of the well and septic permit is required before the building permit can be issued. Existing well and septic systems may be used, however, a copy of the well or septic evaluation must be submitted if the system is older than 10 years and has not been in use.

Other Permits Which May Be Needed

  • Soil Erosion Permits:
    • If your project involves disturbing soils over an area of 1 or more acres. A SESC permit from the Gratiot County Permits Office will be required as part of your zoning/building permit application packet.
    • If your project is within 500 feet of a lake, stream, river or open county drain. A SESC permit from the Gratiot County Permits Office will be required as part of your zoning/building permit application packet.
  • Driveway Permit: (When applicable) Contact the Gratiot County Road Commission for information on these permits, curb cuts, or any other activity affecting County roads. Their telephone number is 989-875-3811.
  • State Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Permits: The following is a list of the State Inspectors, and the division offices. They can assist you in obtaining the necessary permits for all electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling projects, and can answer all questions regarding the State Permits, inspections, fees, etc. You can either mail a completed state application and a check or money order for the state permits to the State Bureau of Construction Codes or apply online.
State InspectorsInspector PhoneOfficeOffice Phone
Mike Bouza, Electrical Inspector989-293-1204Electrical Division Office517-241-9320
Richard Teal, Mechanical Inspector989-292-1976Mechanical Division Office517-241-9325
Dave Yeager, Plumbing Inspector269-680-1978Plumbing Division Office517-241-9330

When to Call for an Inspection

  • Foundation Inspection:
    • Backfill Inspection – Prior to backfill and after the footings, walls, waterproofing and drain tile are installed.
    • Footing Inspection – After form work is completed but prior to pouring concrete.
  • Rough Inspection: The rough inspection is to be made after the roof, all framing, fire stopping and bracing installations are in place and the electrical, mechanical and plumbing rough installations are in place and approved, but before the insulation is installed.
  • Final Inspection: The final inspection is to be made upon completion of the building or structure, and before occupancy occurs.

Certificate of Occupancy

A new building or a building that is altered shall not be used or occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the code official. The permit holder or their authorized agent must request a Certificate of Occupancy upon the completion of the project. This request may be verbal, however, it is recommended that a written request be sent in, which included the building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit numbers. A Certificate of Occupancy cannot be issued until all fees are paid, permits are final and the work covered by a building permit has been completed in accordance with the permit, the code and other applicable laws and ordinances.

It is the responsibility of the applicant, contractor, or home owner to obtain all necessary permits. The permit holder is responsible for any and all inspections necessary. If you need assistance, please contact the Gratiot County Permits Office. The telephone number is 989-875-5201.