Office of Community Corrections (OCC)

The Office of Community Corrections (OCC) now provides services to participants and all courts in the 29th Circuit under the guidance of the 65B District Court and the Honorable Stewart D. McDonald, 65B District Judge.

The Community Corrections Act, Public Act 511, was created for the purpose of establishing and maintaining programs that provide alternatives to incarceration. Programs and services are designed using a rehabilitative approach, with careful consideration for public safety.

The OCC is operated by Kalin Flynn and Phil Moon.

Services Offered

OCC specializes in pre-trial services and assists the probation department with specialized monitoring as directed. This includes electronic monitoring, drug and alcohol testing, vehicle immobilization, and cognitive education services.

The OCC program also serves the Gratiot County Sheriff’s Office as a jail overcrowding option. Defendants can be released from jail with electronic monitoring and participants pay the daily fees for the monitoring equipment. They are considered to be under house arrest and receive permission to leave for authorized activities such as court hearings, probation appointments and for employment.

Drug Testing

To ensure that OCC program participants are actively complying with court ordered conditions, drug testing is performed. Participants in the drug testing program can include defendants who are under OCC pretrial supervision, enrolled in electronic monitoring or who have been convicted and are on probation.

Court Partners

OCC works closely with the county and regional specialty courts. Those courts include:

  • Circuit Court
  • District Court Probation
  • District Court
  • Gratiot County Probate/Family Court
  • Michigan Department Of Corrections
  • Mid-Michigan Regional Mental Health Court
  • Mid-Michigan Regional Sobriety Court
  • Swift and Sure

Payment for Services

Payment for services rendered can be made online via GovPay or by calling GovPay direct at 888-604-7888 to make a phone payment. The District Court pay location code (PLC) is 6732. Please specify what you are making a payment for (example: drug testing, soberlink, moral reconation therapy, etc).