Mid-Michigan Regional Sobriety Court

The Mid-Michigan Regional Sobriety Court is a drunk/drugged driving treatment court program serving Gratiot, Montcalm and Clinton Counties that utilizes a team-based treatment approach to combat recidivism. The program began as the Gratiot County Recovery Court in 2011 and transformed into a regional program through a cooperative effort from stakeholders in Gratiot, Clinton, and Montcalm Counties. The program serves individuals with drunk/drug driving convictions who are assessed high risk/high needs with a clinically assessed moderate to severe substance use disorder. These individuals must be committed to lifestyle changes to assist with their continued recovery.

About the Program

The MMRSC is a 12-24 month program consisting of four phases with various requirements including, but not limited to: substance use/mental health treatment, drug testing, peer support meetings, community service, case management appointments, and regular review hearings with the presiding Judge. The program accepts felony and misdemeanor offenders that meet all eligibility requirements. The program does accept cases transferred from other jurisdictions.

The program has three presiding judges, one for each county.

  • Gratiot County: Honorable Stewart D. McDonald
  • Clinton County: Honorable Michael E. Clarizio
  • Montcalm County: Honorable Adam Eggleston

Make a Referral

Use the referral form to make a referral to the Mid-Michigan Regional Sobriety Court.

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